Hire Your Best Staff Now!

Dear Employers:

If you are expecting to hire in the near future, we want to strongly encourage you to post those jobs now.

Between Election Day and the holidays there is a wave of very hot talent on the Public Policy and Advocacy job market that doesn’t exist in such a size at any other time. In Texas this week, hundreds of political workers and government staff are looking for new jobs after their campaigns ended, their bosses lost reelection, or due to election-related fallout.

Campaign folks are some of the smartest professionals on the market — able to self-motivate, knowledgeable in many areas, fast learners, and typically require little supervision with a fast learning curve. Be sure to snatch up these folks before the holidays and before the Legislative Session begins in January.

It’s free and easy to use Texas Blue Pages, which will connect you to a terrific pool of passionate, progressive job candidates this month and all year round. Simply email your postings to BluePages@burntorangereport.com.

Best of luck and happy hiring!

Christine Garrison Rodriguez

for Texas Blue Pages