Campaign Director –


In this role, you will be the CEO of finding, developing, and executing six-figure, public, game-changing campaigns, with member leadership, that build power for progressives and achieve concrete victories.


1. Executes and debriefs excellent, high-profile, impactful campaigns.

· Leads campaigns that meet a threshold of criteria—high member energy, progressive, credible theory of change, nationally profound, with YMCA tactics: Youtubeable, Memorable, (Morally) Clear, Awesome.

· Writes excellent, compelling, and well-documented emails that motivate members to take action by signing petitions, taking on leadership in a campaign, donating, and other online or offline actions with impact in the world.

· Manages projects, large numbers of volunteers, and project teams of staff. Specs out technology needs, drafts creative briefs, and works with staff and contractors to execute technology, media, and other projects to support campaigns.

· Coaches MoveOn members–at times scalably and at times one-to-one–to run effective campaigns by crafting compelling and strategic petitions, organizing impactful events, communicating with supporters, and speaking with the media.

· Writes reportbacks and leads debriefs to document lessons learned and innovations.

· Maintains core issue areas and balances them with the ability to take on unexpected new campaign areas.

· Offers top-line and in-line feedback on colleagues’ email, campaign plan, and other content drafts.

2. Proactively, aggressively, and opportunistically seeks out member energy and progressive campaign ideas.

· Tracks news cycle, talks to allies, checks petition reports and member surveys, and looks aggressively for opportunities to run powerful campaigns MoveOn members would be excited about.

· Solicits petitions, stories and survey responses from members on breaking news and new opportunities–depending on the circumstance, via scaled email solicitation, or identifying and recruiting ideal spokespeople (ie “spearfishing”).

3. Devises strategy and writes outcomes-oriented campaign plans.

· Builds relationships and consults with allies to understand the issue landscape and identify where it makes sense to partner. Understands MoveOn’s history in the issue space, and crafts a strategy that builds off our successes, mitigates our failures, and devises new, innovative campaigns to win progressive change.

· Consults members and supports member-leaders to devise strategies and tactics that put members out front.

· Consults and solicits feedback from Turbo Team colleagues and relevant staff from other teams

· Uses–and looks for opportunities to improve–campaign planning template and other systems developed by team and organization to define the campaign’s goals, strategies, tactics and ways to measure and evaluate success–including equity.

· Pivots nimbly and crafts plans with an eye to being short term, in flux, and constantly reassessing in light of news, fundraising, and shifting organizational priorities.

4. Fundraises aggressively for the campaign, the team, and the organization

· Creates and articulates tactics and theories of change that motivate members to fund the campaign.

· Tests at least two quality fundraisers every month with goal of producing at least two winners/year–one in the “out of the ballpark” range (aka $400k+) and one in the “over-the-line” range (aka $120k+) . Even if you hit that early still keep putting out two quality FR tests/month to help the team hit our 2014 goal of raising $3 million.

· Is able to set up fundraising tests from Soup to Nuts.

· Joins at least 50% of Monday Brainstorming FR Calls.

· Pitch in and help frequently to optimize, propose alternate drafts, take winning FRs across the line.

5. May manage staff

· May manage Campaigners or other staff, with goal of supporting that staff person to excel in his or her role.

· Conducts weekly one-to-one meetings and quarterly evaluations with any direct reports.

· Cares about team members as people first, campaigners second. Is an active listener, a trusted mentor, and engaged supervisor.

Required skills and experience:

1. Puts members in the lead.

2. Nimble — Able to turn on a dime.

3. Seeks campaign strategies and tactics that are YMCA: Youtube’able, Memorable, Clarity / Moral Clarity, Awesome

4. Attentive to Detail.

5. Adept at the suite of MoveOn technology tools, including the mail tool, the petition dashboard, HTML, SQL, SVN, MASON.

6. Team player. Actively seeks help when needed, and available to support others with help when asked.

7. Goal-oriented and focused on making an impact in the world.

Location: Position can be based anywhere in the US.

Duration: Hiring immediately; interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis. Deadline to apply is ASAP.

Salary and benefits: Competitive salary including benefits such as health and dental insurance, 4 weeks accrued paid vacation time per year, accrued paid sick time, and reimbursement of personal office expenses.

To Apply: Click here to submit your application, resume, and a cover letter. In the cover letter, which should be concise, please share specific examples of how you have innovated and managed game-changing campaigns. Deadline to apply is ASAP. Civic Action and Political Action provide equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, amnesty, or status as a covered veteran in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws.