Senior Public Information Specialist AND  Environmental Conservation Program Manager for the City of Austin.

Development Director AND  Operations Director for TreeFolks in Austin.

Executive Director for Avance in Austin.

Development Coordinator for Manos de Christo in Austin.

Field Directors AND  Finance Director for a Democrat’s Congressional race in North Texas.

Attorney, Mental Health AND  Legal Secretary for Disability Rights Texas in Dallas.  SPANISH

Program Manager for Best Buddies Texas in Dallas.

Manager, Innovative Solutions AND  Accreditation Coordinator AND Project Coordinator, Stroke AND  Digital Marketing Manager, Patient Market AND  Program Coordinator, Exhibits for the American Heart Association in Dallas.

Coordinator for the Community Scholars Program of North Texas LEAD in Fort Worth.

Development Director for Healthy Futures of Texas in San Antonio.

Grant Writer for the YMCA of Greater San Antonio.

Manager, Press Relations & Communications for the Petco Foundation in San Antonio.

Fundraising Director for the American Heart Association in El Paso.