Research Analyst for the Center for Public Policy Priorities in Austin.

Environmental Conservation Program Manager for the City of Austin.

Events Coordinator for the Humane Society in Austin.

Events Manager for the SAFE Alliance in Austin.

Administrative Assistant for Urban Roots in Austin.

Managing Director for Ten Thousand Villages in Austin.

Social Media Editor for The Dallas Observer in Dallas.

National Senior PR Specialist for MADD in Irving.

Scholarship Manager for the Greater Houston Community Foundation in Houston.

Public Affairs/Communications Specialist for the Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD in Houston.

Director of Institutional Giving AND Senior Copywriter-Head of Contentfor Neighborhood Centers in Bellaire.

Legal Services Director for Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaborative in Houston.

Administrative Assistant for the Houston Humane Society in Houston.

Office Assistant at the Fund for Teachers in Houston.

Development Coordinator for the YWCA in Corpus Christi.